Thursday, December 30, 2010

MMC available as Source Code

 Finally, MMC can downloaded as a C source code, thanks to google code excellent publishing services.

Source is for programmers, obviously.
Interface has been made as simple as possible, with just a few calls  :

U32 MMC_InsertAndFindBestMatch (void* MMC_Data, BYTE* ip, BYTE** r);
U32 MMC_Insert1 (void* MMC_Data, BYTE* ip);
U32 MMC_InsertMany (void* MMC_Data, BYTE* ip, U32 length);

MMC_Data is handled transparently, so that program users do not need to care about it. It can be manipulated with the simple definitions below :

void* MMC_Create (BYTE* beginBuffer, BYTE* endBuffer);
U32 MMC_Init (void* MMC_Data, BYTE* beginBuffer, BYTE* endBuffer);
U32 MMC_Free (void** MMC_Data);

Although this is plain C, the logic seems pretty close from C++, with all data encapsulated into a void*.
This logic also ensures that MMC is multi-thread ready.

You can download it here :

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