Monday, November 28, 2011

Zhuff get upgraded (v0.8)

 As a first implementation of the recently proposed compressed stream format, here comes a new version of Zhuff, v0.8. It was indeed my main target, since the previous format was incompatible by design with Pipe mode.

Therefore, this new version comes with all the features recently introduced into LZ4, such as :

  • All compression levels into a single binary (this removes the need for separate Zhuff-HC and Zhuff-Max binaries)
  • Pipe mode support
  • Windows Installer
  • Context Menu integration (windows installer version only)
  • Directory Compression with shar (windows installer version only)

and some other minor improvements :
- New benchmark mode with multiple files
- Overwrite confirmation mode
- Silent/Verbose modes
- Pause on exit

Zhuff algorithm itself got a small change from v0.7.
It introduces an early "entropy estimator", which tries to evaluate if it is worthwhile to compress a sub-stream using entropy coder Huff0. It works pretty well, and save some CPU cycles, however effect remains small, barely noticeable, at about 2-3% more speed.
Therefore, this version main focus is about bringing more features.

You can download it here.