Monday, September 19, 2011

LZ4 reaches v1.0

 Finally, a long planned update of LZ4 is out today, reaching v1.0. It's time to integrate all the various compression versions into a single binary, with the user able to select the compression level it wants by a simple switch (-c0, -c1 or -c2).

It is also time to integrate newer versions of the algorithm, since there were quite many improvements since latest release. As a consequence, v1.0 is faster and more efficient, as can be seen in this table :

compression ratio2.0612.075
compression speed260 MB/s295 MB/s
decompression speed810 MB/s990 MB/s
memory usage33MB17MB
If you are using the open-source version of LZ4 or LZ4-HC, it is recommended to update to latest source release.

You can grab this latest win32 binary at the LZ4 Homepage.

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