Zhuff is a compression software designed for speed (especially decompression speed).
Schematically, it consists of LZ4 & FSE merged together.

Zhuff is several times faster than Zip's fastest mode.

Zhuff also proposes High Compression modes (-c1 and -c2), using MMC match search algorithm, which will trade some CPU cycles for more compression. See benchmark results below.

Note : Zhuff is now obsolete. Its successor is Zstandard, which is open sourced on github.

Download : Zhuff v0.99 beta (portable binary)
- Both 32-bits & 64-bits versions provided

Compression evaluation :
In-memory benchmark (-b command), using Silesia Corpus
Benchmark platform : Core i5-3340M (2.7GHz), Window Seven 64-bits

threadsCompression RatioSpeedDecoding
Zhuff v0.99-c0-t12.979175 MB/s660 MB/s
Zhuff v0.99-c0-t22.979250 MB/s1150 MB/s
Zhuff v0.99-c1-t23.15179 MB/s1200 MB/s
Zhuff v0.99-c2-t23.22246 MB/s1250 MB/s

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